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Our Activities:

We would like to share some information of our ministry as your prayer items, which we are conducting here in Him. We are working now specially among the different tribes of Nepal with different dialogues in different places and districts such as Rai, Chepang, Tamang, Pahari, Majhi, Kami, Damai, Sharki and other different tribes. As serving the Lord we found a lack of resources to run our ministries smoothly so, we would like to request all of you to pray for our church needs. Under our Grace church, we have different activities such as:

Our Church Ministries:- Church services, Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Women's Fellowship, House & Village Fellowship, Gospel Outreach & Church Planting, Short-Term Leadership Training.

Sunday School:
"Train up a child in the way they should go..." Prov.22:6. We, Grace Church, Nepal believe that we should start planting the seeds of God's word to children while they are young as the future of our society depends on them. Every Saturday we hold a service, especially tailored for children, when they learn and apply the word of God in their lives. Since, we also recognize the importance of the role of the teachers, we provide regular training and conduct seminars for them to make them more effective teacher. Our goal is not only to impart knowledge but also to equip our teachers and change the lives of our children.

Youth Fellowship:
We have weekly youth fellowship with a goal of strengthening the youth's relationship with God and their fellow believers. An all inter-branch churches of Grace Youth Fellowship is also held once every six months so that they can know and encourage one another.

Women's Fellowship:
Almost half of Nepal's total population is women. Since women can be most effective in reaching out ministering to other women, Grace Church holds weekly women's fellowship to equip them with evangelism and discipleship, particularly in the area of women's ministry. Inter-branch churches of Grace women's get together once in a six months to know encourage and pray for one another.

House and Village Fellowship:
The best way to minister people is sometimes to be "right where they are." With the purpose of ministering to our members of families, we hold house to house fellowships weekly. It is our desire to disciple our members and help them grow in their relationship with God. One of our strategies for church planting is to have members who are gifted evangelists and who can be sent to outlying villages for weekly fellowship. After a time, the very group becomes a daughter church as attendance increases.

Leadership Training:
"Leaders are not born, they are made". We also recognize the importance of providing training for our pastors and other church workers. Twice a year, we provide training, especially for further equipping our church leaders for the service of God. We have morning and evening classes for interested lay people. In some special cases, if deemed necessary, they are also sent abroad for theological training.

Gospel Outreach and Church Planting:
From time to time our church has gone out to the cities and rural areas for the work of evangelism and churches are being planted in different places of Nepal.

Our Social Works:- Childcare Program, Non-Formal Education, Income Generating Program (in small Scale). And also we are praying for God's leading for our future plans to start a Bible School, Share & Care Program in small scale to help Helpless Handicapped and Widows if out Lord lead us.

Income Generating Programs:
The church believes that we should minister to people holistically. This includes their physical needs of our members. The Church have opened Sewing and Knitting Center to provide vocational training and jobs for the widows and poor women. This enables them to have additional income in support to their families. But we are in lack of machines.

Non-Formal Education:
With the desire to help the illiterate members of the church, we offer a 6-month-course twice a year in different places to help in terms of helping them learn how to read God's Word.

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