Nepal Christian Mission among the Tribes

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Outreach Ministry for Church Planting

There are millions people in Nepal who have not heard of the saving Knowledge off the Lord Jesus Christ. They are living in darkness without eternal life and never got a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus to shine on them. This Outreach Ministry has a goal to save the people of Nepal and to encourage others to do so, with good special emphasis on equipped training, and sending indigenous workers to evangelize and plant churches among unreached people. It is essential need to send some evangelists and pastors to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ where there are not yet to establish churches and who do not have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, we are praying for the church planting over there by sending some Lord's calling evangelist and pastors. So, it is necessary to hire employees as evangelists in order to have better results. There are some committed members in our church who are eager to serve the Lord. Though we are lacked in funding, we are trying hard together to establish Churches with the hope that the Lord will provide resources to support our ministries.

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