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General Information of Nepal


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Head of State: His Majesty the King.
Head of Government: Prime Minister.
Political System: Multi-party democracy with constitution monarchy.
Nepal is land lock country.
Land Area: 147181 Sq. Kms.Lengths 885 Kms. East-West Widths. 193. North-South.
Population 2, 40, 00,000 Aprox.
People: Indo-aryan 80%.
Official Language: Nepali.
Religion: Hinduism 90%, 5% Buddhist, 3% Muslim, 2% Christian.
Culture: Hinduism is lifeblood of the Nepalese.

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Nepal is full of mountains and hills there are 17% flat land. This land is good for farming. There are 95% people based on agriculture in inhabitable regions there are high population density. The development of roads agriculture and social project has been slow. There are 24 millions people (approximate) these people are idols worships. When we think this situation from the perspective of the Bible any one can imagine the heart's of the true believer out of twenty four millions people there are less than 2% Christians. Since Nepal is land lock country, the economiocal condition is very worse. According to the World Bank report Nepal is the second poorest country in the World.

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Socially, this country has a very strong caste system which is divided into four major groups. They are as follows - Brahmins, Kshatria, Vaisyas and Sudra. In this situation we find importance to propagate the Gospol of Jesus Christ in this nation.


This country has Multi-party system, yet there is no freedom for religion, so minority Christians are still under the suppressions Constitutionally conversion is prohibited it means there is no freedom.

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What do they believe?

They worship 33 million god and goddesses.
Spirits and imps that appear in bodily forms.
Witchcraft and spells.
Sacrifices that must constantly be made in order to keep the spirits appease.
Cremation (burning of the dead body).

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